Well that’s Sorted then!

Mahoosive Media is pleased to be contributing to one of the fastest growing lads-mags in the UK.

Sorted Magazine reaches around 160,000 readers with each edition with its focus on tech, sport, lifestyle, music and faith.  Unlike typical lads mags with a less than wholesome reputation, Sorted is offering real, relevant and rewarding content that is suitable for lads of all ages.

The ‘Gadget Geek’ Column is written by our CEO, Paul Hurst, and each issue, Paul looks at some of the tech developments and questions that are doing the rounds.  Paul told us “I’m really pleased to be writing for Sorted Magazine.  Reviewing and writing about gadgets and tech is a dream come true for an 80’s child like me.  I’ve grown up with home computers, consoles and all kinds of high tech gadgets and gizmos in between”.

Mahoosive Media builds the way it does business by combining tried and trusted industry expertise with cutting edge software, hardware and business thinking.  Providing both content and platforms for individuals and companies to use right across print, digital, and broadcast mediums.