Mahoosive Media is helping to train the next generation of business professionals in specially commissioned social media workshops.  The bespoke sessions help teach the basics but also the importance of developing a communication strategy using some of the most well known web services available.

‘Many of us would admit we spend far too long on our social networking sites each day’  Paul Hurst, from Mahoosive Media, told us.  ‘As such its vital that organisations, businesses or individuals who’ve got something to share, recognise the potential this presents’.

The news that Mahoosive Media will be developing these workshops is also a welcome announcement for young business people and entrepreneurs as they look to develop their skills such as digital marketing, PR and communications along with Business development and growth awareness that benefit both businesses and customers alike.

Some of the training courses are completely free and are run during lunchtime networking events around the UK.  Follow @mahoosivemedia (Twitter) to see where and when the next available course is.