Many of us are quite used to ‘doing’ social media for ourselves maybe even our businesses, charities or faith groups but before we start sharing do we stop and plan?  Like pretty much everything else in life, this preparation isn’t really optional, it’s essential:  And at the heart of that preparation is vision.

Vision is the key to going from good to great, it’s the difference between the ordinary and the outstanding.  It doesn’t just outline the journey that you’re taking but it even defines how you will drive forward to reach your goal. Sitting down to work out your vision will help avoid wasted energy on dead-end activity, frustration with your message (often appearing as weak and poorly focused without vision) and it saves undesirable variables when you’re working in a team or wider organisation, keeping everyone on task.

Let me make all of this real for you….

Just under a year ago we were doing social media WITHOUT vision for Life Stories at Lunch.  We’d set up the platforms, we were even sharing some pretty good content but we only had 150 followers on Twitter and we were struggling to inspire others in the same way that we ourselves were being inspired by the stories that we were hearing.  Then we realised what the problem was.

After spending time thinking about why we do what we do and after a few meetings with those we trust (including quite a few cups of coffee from the shops around MediaCity) we committed to finding and fixing a unique vision for Life Stories.  We hit on three simple concepts that we decided were central for our platform.

We wanted to connect eager learners with inspirational leaders.  We wanted to share quality content that would normally cost thousands to access (if indeed it was available at all!) and we wanted to learn valuable lessons from those benefiting from being a part of the Life Stories at Lunch community.  

We kept our vision simple but also recognised that simple vision doesn’t equate to ineffective or weak outcomes!  After all:  The vision of the Facebook team is listed as ‘To make the World a more open and connected place‘. 10 words that have totally transformed our world!  Anyway after we’d identified our vision, we built a strategy around it.  It looked like this:

Life Stories at Lunch will provide:

A networking system for new followers : connecting people with people, businesses or organisations
Live periscope / video content with quality and value
A follow back policy

It’s when we implemented this vision though this strategy that things took off.  Change was instant, we started to grow at an incredible rate and now have 12,000 followers: our content is reaching many more times that number too.

‘Good for you!’ you may say but why does this matter?

Well we believe our story could be yours and that’s why we want to equip you to have a unique vision for your social media platforms too.

We’d like to invite you to work with us to draw up a vision for your social media presence.

If after reviewing our unique vision plan for your business, charity, organisation or faith group you want us to help you implement the strategy then great!

If you decide to do it yourself that’s fine with us as well,

The important thing is that you learn the same lessons that surround success and act now especially if your social media is flatlining or in decline.  Remember that this may not be down to your product but maybe a lack of vision that surrounds what you’re doing in the connected world…

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